Buy Office Chairs New Orleans

Office Chairs are the most personal piece of office furniture - and the most complex - because they must adapt to all kinds of people and many types of work. Although style and materials are important, the first thing you should consider is how long the person will be sitting in the chair and what functions they will perform.

Executive Office Chairs

» Executive Office/Conference Chairs

Present a professional image with sophisticated executive/conference seating selections. Modern design and exceptional comfort combine to create stylish, durable chairs that enhance any office setting.

Office Task Chairs

» Office Tasks Chairs

Work chairs look, feel and function in unique ways to suit a variety of work tasks. Task chairs should be stable and easily adjustable from a seated position. It should provide good support for your body, especially your lower back.

Specialty Intensive Use Chairs

» Specialty Intensive Use Chairs

Generous proportions and user-friendly controls ensure around-the-clock comfort. Specifically designed with exceptional durability. For Big and Tall individuals and Multi-Shift use.

Guest Chairs

» Guest/Public Space Chairs

Designed with welcoming comfort and style in mind, guest chairs and tandem seating should make a good impression and offer an inviting spot for visitors in offices and reception areas.

Stacking Chairs

» Stacking/Nesting Office Seating

Breaking the number one rule for stacking chairs: It's comfortable! Quality seating at an affordable price. Stackable office seating offers soft comfort edges and has a wide variety of color and fabric options.

Tips For Choosing The Right Office Chair

  1. Employees who sit six to eight hours a day performing multiple tasks should have ergonomic office chairs with controls that let the user adjust the chair to suit his or her body size and work style. Many chairs now use passive ergonomic adjustments that maintain a comfortable configuration as the user moves.
  2. People who use computers should have adjustable armrests to maintain a comfortable position at the keyboard. The chair's tilt feature should allow users to look at the computer screen at a comfortable angle no matter how much they lean forward or back.
  3. Executives may not need all the performance features as they spend less time sitting down, but may require a leather office chair, wood or more high-tech materials to project a strong, professional image.

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