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  • For 40 years, The Office Planning Group has been developing better ways to organize, store, transfer, process and locate vital records. Organizations that depend on paper records will benefit from our experience in several ways.
  • It all starts with a SURVEY of your requirements, needs, and goals. The Office Planning Group team members will then ANALYZE our survey findings, consulting with specialists whose expertise includes your areas of need.
  • Next, through applications of our systems to expedite filing and retrieval of documents, increasing productivity by enhancing workflow, we RECOMMEND the areas to be covered by our proposal, ensuring that our focus is in keeping with your objectives. We PROPOSE, in a clearly written document, our approach and responsibilities in creating your system. The decision to proceed is then yours.
  • We DELIVER all equipment, supplies and services to accommodate the requirements of our agreed schedule. We IMPLEMENT the recommended system. This may be as simple as equipment installation, or as complex as conversion from an existing system (often possible over a weekend). We TRAIN your employees in the use of their new TAB system, preparing them before implementation and conducting hands-on instruction afterward. We SERVICE your TAB system to maintain the value of its performance at the level you expect. We RE-SURVEY after several months of use. This step verifies that everything is working properly.

Mobile Filing Saves Space » Mobile Shelving » TAB-TRAC

Mobile Filing Saves Space

TAB-TRAC is the flexible high-density mobile storage solution that compacts so you can increase storage capacity while using less space. It is the ideal solution where space is at a premium. Double-faced shelving is arranged in a "T" intersection to the wall, allowing you to crease aisles only when and where you need them, eliminating the need for fixed aisles.

TAB-TRAC is an ideal solution for filing environments where high capacity, low access, and secure storage are required.

Shelving » Large Document Storage

Shelving and Large Document Storage

TAB's Large Document Storage Solution stores maps, blueprints and other large documents in up to 75% less space using custom shelving to store documents in a vertical space . Large document storage presents a unique challenge that goes beyond traditional filing equipment and supplies, and storage is usually the most costly component of any system.

Are you currently using a flat file storage system for your large documents and facing space constraints? If so, then TAB's vertical file storage system may be the most efficient method for storing your large documents. By storing large documents in a vertical position instead of conventional flat files, floor space savings of up to 75% are achieved.

Cabinets » Twinfile

Tab Twinfile

TAB's TwinfileTM rotating cabinets are designed with a turning shelf mechanism much like a "lazy-susan." They provide instant access to all contents from both sides of the unit, and can be closed for a secure, clean look. They are the ideal solution for office environments that want maximum flexibility in limited space.

Make better use of your space

Twinfile cabinets make better use of your limited office floor space. They can be designed into your floor plan as partitions dividers or counters. In fact, Twinfile is commonly used in offices as a partition and for shared shelving between adjacent workstations. By going up in height you can store 40% more in the same foot print as traditional roll out drawer cabinets.

Filing Cabinets

Filing Cabinets

Filing Cabinets provide superior strength, economy and versatility when floor space is scarce. They are extremely rugged and durable, suitable for letter, legal depth, and are available in 30, 36, and 42"-inch widths and six convenient heights. Fully welded shelves - Provide cabinet strength for easy movement, even while fully loaded.

Easy coordination - Available in a full range of colors for pleasing integration with other TAB equipment and furniture offerings.

Mobile ready - SIDE-TRAC decks make it possible for quick and easy increase of storage density.

Ideal - for virtually any business office setting.

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